Work of the meeting

Committees and Offices

Quaker meetings follow the guidance of the Spirit in business as well as in worship. Meeting members take on the work of the Meeting, volunteering for various roles.

These volunteers prepare business that comes to the entire group for Spirit-led decision making. Our meeting does not have paid staff, except for housekeeping or groundskeeping.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the work of the meeting.

Meeting for business

The community has a monthly meeting where we make decisions. We use the collective discernment of members to help us understand God’s will for us.

Raleigh Friends at Pride Event

How the work gets done

The Offices

Meeting Co-Clerks

Preside at Sunday Meeting for Worship and Meeting for Worship with attention to Business. The clerk is both servant and leader, responding to the spirit of the Meeting.

Recording Clerks

Prepare minutes of Meeting for Worship with attention to Business.


Maintain Meeting’s accounts as directed by the Meeting.

How the work gets done

The Committees

Ministry & Counsel

Ministry and Counsel has particular responsibility for nurture of the religious life of the meeting. Its purposes are: to exercise general care of meetings for worship and support of the spiritual ministry, and to provide pastoral care of the membership.

Nurture & Nominations

Monitors and encourages committee participation by Meeting attenders/members.


Provides Friendly welcomes to attenders and members alike.


Monitors and responds to telephone and email messages.

Newsletter Editor

Coordinates and publishes the Meeting electronic newsletter.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Examines, promotes, critiques and recruits support for various religious communities and affinity groups and movements concerned with issues of peace and social action.

Care of the Meeting House and Grounds

Attends to cleanliness and maintenance of the Meeting House.

Garden Group

Maintains the Quiet Garden.

First Day School/Young Friends Education Committee Conveners

Coordinates child care for youngest Friends.


Catalog and shelve the Meeting’s books. 

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Second Hour/Adult Education

Plans agenda for second hour topical discussion and other events.